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Tarot Star Card and its Spiritual Power

This Major Arcana Tarot card comes with spiritual blessings and hope for the future.

by Rose Claire

Photo courtesy of psychic2tarot

Intuition. Hope. Inspiration. Those words just skim the surface of the powerful spirituality embodied in the Star card of the Tarot deck. Revealing a naked woman in or around crystalline water often with lush landscape and blue sky dotted with stars, the card weaves together Mother Nature’s elements with hope and the feeling that everything will be all right.

When the Star card appears in a Tarot reading, it signals that struggles are ending and the individual is moving toward the positive; hope is restored, and even more importantly, life is moving into the light with balance, peace and harmony prevailing.

The Star card tells the individual that it’s time to learn about and use their gift of intuition or even psychic ability.

One of the gifts of the Star card is its boost in intuition. It lifts the ability to intuitively “see” way up, bestowing clarity and a connection to Spirit that allows us to “know” what’s next in a comforting, supported manner. If the Star card is turned over in a Tarot reading, it also tells the individual that it’s time to learn about and use their gift of intuition or even psychic ability. Spirit is gently nudging them in that direction.

This Star card is strongly backed by the Divine and communicates to the individual that Spirit is there for them, guiding the way toward realizing one’s hopes and dreams. The individual need not worry--they will be supported in their journey; they just have to have faith.

The Star card radiates hope and connection with Spirit.

Reversed, the Star card indicates a loss of faith or even a test of it. Opportunities are missed due to overwhelm and stress, and the individual is called to find their spiritual core, reflect and connect with their hopes and dreams again. Through faith and spiritual connection, there is the power to redirect the energy toward the positive.

While all the cards in the Tarot deck hold keys to personal and spiritual empowerment, the Star card radiates hope and connection with Spirit that rises well above the others. So, find the Star card, either in your own Tarot deck or in an online Tarot deck, and take a few minutes to reflect on it and how it can bring hope and positive energy into your life.

A specialist in intuitive Tarot, Rose Claire offers readings focused on exploring directions, attracting relationships and solving issues. Contact me at 727-201-3423 or Or, click here to contact me for a reading or to inquire about classes.

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