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The Cosmos is Kickin’ Up a Solar Eclipse This Week

A rare, hybrid solar eclipse may disrupt plans and change the field you're playing on!

by Rose Claire

Image courtesy of Creative Commons

Deep breaths! That’s how I’m starting this week as we prepare for a lightning bolt of an eclipse, which promises to be quite a celestial experience. So, let’s take a minute and unpack the energies of this heavenly event.

April 19: Solar Eclipse in Aries

The sign of the ram is the home to the first solar eclipse of the year. As always, that Aries fire is going to light up the natural changes that a solar eclipse brings. Remember, solar eclipses are harbingers of change and they fall on New Moons, a time when we are planting and developing ideas.

This solar eclipse, however, is called a “hybrid solar eclipse” because it bounces between being a total eclipse and an annular eclipse where the outer edges of the sun’s light is still visible because the moon does not completely cover it. When the hybrid solar eclipse occurs (only once in a decade), it creates a magnificent ring of fire around the moon.

Remember, solar eclipses are harbingers of change and they fall on New Moons, a time when we are planting and developing ideas.

So, what does that mean astrologically? Well, naturally, all solar eclipses supercharge the New Moon with the prevailing energy of the sign the eclipse falls in, which happens to be Aries this month. Of course, those rams are full of dynamic, rapidly moving energy coupled with strong leadership skills. So, we can expect powerful change elements to arise in and around us, possibly before we’re really prepared to deal with them.

Look for quick changes in finances, ideas about job changes, and even romance. You may find yourself having to make decisions in these areas that you thought weren’t needed for some time or that didn’t even register on your radar.

The eclipse may take your breath away for a little bit, but fortunately, right behind it and the New Moon is a changing of the guard. Overnight, the energies shift from that electric energy of the sign of Aries to the sure-footed, stable, and often slow-moving energy in the sign of Taurus.

That means that the instability of the Aries solar eclipse will right itself some and give you the space to deal with the decisions and repercussions from it. Although the attributes of Taurus may not completely diffuse the stress from the eclipse, it will help you get or stay on track. So, hang in there!

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