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The October 14th Solar Eclipse and Your Sign

By Rose Claire

Courtesy of Dreamstime

The solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, will be packing a wallop. Landing in the sign of Libra, this eclipse promises to rock your world by shifting the relationships in your life. It will hit in ways you may have never imagined or give you the needed umph to make changes you’ve been thinking about for ages.

Expect to take time evaluating the people in your life, especially the closest ones. You may be moved to let go of behaviors that just aren’t working with your spouse or significant other or maybe even to let go of people who aren’t working. You may feel a push to upgrade how you act in a relationship; it may be subtle changes that are hardly noticed or patent moves that are immediately acknowledged.

The energy from this particular eclipse is so strong (two- to-three times stronger than normal) that you may already be feeling its effects especially if you’re sensitive, empathic or psychic. And remember, eclipse season sets the tone for the next several months.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect for your Sun and Rising signs. Make sure to read both.


Okay, Aries. It’s time to get real about your relationships, and that includes your part in them. Here’s the lowdown: This eclipse occurs in Libra, the sign of relationships, in your seventh house, the house of relationships, so there’s no getting around the fact that you will be dealing with relationship issues. Aries, if you really value the relationship, whether it’s a partner, significant other, friend or coworker, it’s time to shift your focus from yourself to this person and really listen. Hear what they’re saying about what works and what doesn’t and figure out a way together to either move forward differently or let go. It’s time.


The body matters, Taurus, and over the next several months, you’re going to become a happy, mad scientists eagerly discovering ways to improve it. Chart a new exercise course and try those healthy foods that you just never got around to. You will be building a relationship with your health, one that will allow you the ability to let go of old behaviors and thought processes that no longer serve your health and wellbeing. And, with Jupiter parked in your first house until May 2024, the next several months promise to be filled with opportunities for really getting noticed in work or personal relationships.


Love and creativity blossom for you, Gemini. This eclipse opens your heart like a gorgeous flower; it’s an acknowledgement of true love and a recognition of the need to be creative again. Welcome these opportunities, and while you’re enjoying them, Gemini, take some time to smash those old tapes about how things should be that are still playing in your head. You won’t miss them; that’s a promise, and you’ll grow by leaps and bounds.


Stability is calling, Cancer, so pick up the phone. On the home front, you’re dialed into investing in real estate or upgrading your current home to fit the new you that’s evolving. As far as the relationships in your life go, it’s time to invest in some serious one-on-one time. So, arrange that quiet dinner for your and your loved one. Take time to help your kid with their homework. And, of course, don't forget to pet the dog and let him cuddle with you. Remember, Cancer, retooling the foundation is a sign of growth and understanding, and growing together in a healthy way is worth it.


As royalty of the zodiac, you have no issues with shining bright, Leo. And now, your majesty, it’s time to really turn on the spotlight and get what you have to offer out into the world. Podcasting, writing and publishing and streaming are all waiting for you to put your unique leonine stamp on them. Whatever your profession, Leo, now is the time to boost your light, learn what you need to learn and not fear saying “no” when you need to.


Strap in, Virgo. You’re about to kick your life in the direction you are meant to go, even if you don’t know it yet. You may have been hanging in limbo lately, Virgo, questioning your vision, purpose or dreams. That all falls by the wayside after this eclipse and is, instead, replaced with newfound energy that leads you where you want to go personally and professionally. Use your strategic and organizational superpowers to chart your course in business, and then, just go and enjoy the ride.


You’re front and center with this eclipse, Libra, as it plops down in your first house pushing you to do the unimaginable: think about yourself. No, the world hasn’t fallen off its axis, Libra. It’s just time to prioritize you on all levels—to work independently on what you want. You’ll still be the social butterfly that you are, just with a healthy dose of self-care and attention. In other words, those scales of yours are finding their balance.


One of your greatest gifts, Scorpio, is your keen intuitive ability. You know what others are thinking before they do. You know when to attack. And, you know when to retreat. Now, is time to retreat into yourself, to find more space in your life, to meditate and to develop your intuition and creative pursuits. You need to energize and replenish, and too much socializing can suck you dry. So, you’re not going to be the life of the party right now, Scorp, but hey, a party of one is all you really need.


A fresh start is glowing on the horizon, Sag, one that involves lots of new tribes and excitement—a real sense of alignment with self and others. You’re bound to be working hard with this eclipse energy, but the good news is, you’ll have a group of like-minded folks around you inspiring you, supporting you and cheering you to success. Oh, and if health issues have been lingering in the back of your mind, you’ll find that the answers you need will present themselves, and you’ll be off to better health and lots more Sag energy.


Well, CEO of the Zodiac, fortune smiles on you again. The energy of this eclipse powers your already-fab instincts about business and drives you to look at some new ventures. It’s time to ask for that promotion or seek another position better suited to your business strengths. And don’t forget to partner up with some like-minded business associates. With the right combo, you can expect another win-win.


Okay, so the eclipse is important for you, Aquarius, but your real cosmic shakeup comes in January when the almighty Pluto stations in your sign for the next generation. It will finally be “The Age of Aquarius”—more on that later. In the meantime, your ninth house is shining with the light of this eclipse, and it looks like a little more education is on the horizon—education that’s more aligned with who you really are and with your life philosophy. It’s also a time for connecting with others and being exposed to new belief systems that you will of course have to analyze, philosophize and ultimately synthesize in true Aquarian fashion.


There’s a financial awakening with this eclipse, Pisces, in terms of sharing the load. It’s time to partner up to help with financing the business or with keeping the home front running smoothly. As much as you think you’re helping others by handling everything on your own, you really need to unburden yourself. Use that amazing psychic ability of yours to determine what to do and to sift through the deceptions. Trust your gut explicitly, and you’ll be golden.

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