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Inspiring higher awareness by working with Spirit.

Offering psychic, mediumship, Tarot and astrology readings and education.

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Rose Claire

As a child, I didn’t think anything of seeing spirits, having prescient dreams, or knowing information about others. I was a very intelligent and creative young girl and just naturally assumed everyone did the same. Later, however, I determined that these experiences were not occurring in the same way with my family or friends. At that point, I started wondering what to do with all of this. Then one day, I got it! These were gifts to develop and share so I could help others grow, heal, love, and find their paths in life.

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Connecting with those who’ve crossed over

As an evidentiary medium, I am honored to bring forth those from the other side and to provide evidence, information, and any message to you.

Uncovering the real you—hopes, dreams, direction, and more.

Need answers and direction quickly?
Want to uncover motives, possibilities, hidden strengths? Looking for the next step? What I love about the Tarot is its powerful ability to do all of these.
Tarot readings reveal inner truths or desires, create understanding, provide direction and clarification and do it succinctly and accurately.

Bringing answers
into the light

A psychic reading with me is smart, accurate, compassionate, client-focused, and fun! We’ll delve into the areas that you want to learn about including key life issues such as finding the right love, increasing money potential, exploring career options, making moves (physical, financial, emotional, or spiritual), and much more.


Want to know what the stars say about your life, or why you keep seeing the same number over and over? There’s a reason why the ancient arts of astrology and numerology are still consulted today and that is because they bring an added dimension of truth and understanding to our lives.


Near and dear to my heart, this special offering designed specifically for writers and actors blends Tarot readings, meditation, and writing/acting practice with instruction in intuitive skills to improve your character development or build to build story.


Intuition in business can be a powerful decision making and growth tool. When businesses work with Rose Claire, they learn and employ strategies for accessing and applying their intuition in their work 

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