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Rose Claire


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An Evening With Spirit Live Zoom Gallery Reading

Join Evidential Medium, Author and Spiritual Stacey Niedentohl and special guest well-respected evidential medium Rose Claire for a live Zoom Gallery Reading August 15th at 7pm.



Stacey Niedentohl, a well-respected Evidential Medium, Author and Spiritual Healer, will gently guide the audience with her mediumship abilities and channel messages from the other side. She will actively communicate details, imagery, etc. and relay as much information as possible during the reading. There are no guarantees of who will come through or for who. Whether you receive a reading, witnessing

Stacey channel and deliver messages from the other side is an amazing experience.

Rose Claire, a highly regarded evidential medium and writer, connects with those who’ve crossed over to bring forth evidence and messages. Rose bridges the communication between the two worlds with integrity and compassion, often receiving information through images, symbols and physical experiences that offer evidence to loved ones. She acknowledges that Spirit is the driver of her readings and cannot guarantee who will come through. Instead, she commits herself to showing that there is continuity of life through our spirit.
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