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Rose Claire

Other Services

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Writers and Actors Intuitive Power Sessions

Near and dear to my heart, this special offering designed specifically for writers and actors blends Tarot readings, meditation, and writing/acting practice with instruction in intuitive skills to improve your character development or build to build story. The Tarot readings and techniques taught will allow you to inhabit your character so you understand his/her background, motives (overt or covert), emotional makeup, other character connections, and more. They will help you further your story trajectory so both plots and subplots unfold naturally and intuitively with your character. They will teach you how to channel the power of your intuition so you can use the energy in your work.

Sessions will also provide techniques for your artist’s toolbox including, but not limited to:

  • Working with archetypes and details in astrologyo and the Tarot’s major and minor arcana

  • Writing or acting scenes from your character’s perspective

  • Harnessing creative/spiritual energy


These exercises will build your own writer’s or actor’s intuition so you can trust your artistic choices and express greater confidence in your work. Sessions may also include guided meditation to enhance understanding and development of character and story as well as astrological and numerological insights impacting your character. They may run one or more sessions and be one-on-one or in groups depending on individual goals.

Contact me for more information at 727-201-3423 or

Intuitive Consulting for Business

Intuition in business can be a powerful decision making and growth tool. When businesses work with Rose Claire, they learn and employ strategies for accessing and applying their intuition in their work and how to leverage the strengths of both the left and right sides of the brain for success. Additionally, business owners receive intuitive guidance from Rose Claire to help the business grow and succeed.

Contact me for more information at 727-201-3423 or

Parties and Large Gathering Readings

Psychic, Tarot and mediumship sessions are all available for larger gatherings such as parties, organizational trainings, conferences, or corporate meetings to name just a few.

Contact me for more information at 727-201-3423 or

**I want to help as many people as possible and don’t want ability to pay to be the deciding factor. If you have concerns about pricing, please call me. Let’s see what we can do to find a way to work together.

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