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Rose Claire


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How do I prepare for a reading?

Great question! The best way to prepare for a reading is to relax, pull together any questions you have, and focus on your intentions for the reading. Think about what it is that is moving you to contact me. You are welcome to bring something to record the session if you like or to take notes.

It’s also important to be open to the experience and to avoid alcohol or recreational drugs before a reading, as they can impact the energy. If you’re new to having readings, please let me know, so I can share with you the process, answer any questions, and relieve any anxiety you might be feeling. A reading with me is designed to be a positive experience for you!

What is the difference between psychic ability and intuition?

Simply put, intuition is a knowing that occurs without facts or analysis. It may be referred to as a “hunch” or a “gut” feeling. Psychic ability could be described as more developed intuition. You can think of them on a continuum with intuition at the beginning and psychic ability at the more advanced end of the continuum.

Is intuition a valuable tool in business or life?
Yes, it is! So many people naturally use their intuitive hunches or gut feelings when making decisions about their work or life. Understanding how to harness that intuitive ability and leveraging it with the analytical left brain can make for a successful combination in business or empower you when making life decisions.

Don’t we all have psychic or mediumship ability?

We sure do, but like any skill, if we don’t work at it, our psychic or mediumship abilities may not develop or may stay dormant. Also, there are those that are more naturally psychic than others—or at least more naturally aware of their psychic or mediumship abilities. Think about it this way: In the sport of basketball, if you work hard and practice, practice, practice, you will get better. You may excel enough to earn a college scholarship or even a place on an NBA team. But, you may never be as good as Michael Jordan because he was arguably blessed with more innate basketball ability than others. The same applies with psychic and mediumship abilities.

Can I learn how to use my psychic or mediumship abilities?
Absolutely. You’ve already taken the first step—being open to learning!  I recommend taking some classes and learn techniques to connect. You will find you and your Spiritual Support Team will find ways to communicate, answer questions, and provide key information when you regularly practicing and work with others

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