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Rose Claire


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Upcoming Classes

Email Rose Claire at
or call 727-201-3423 to reserve your space. 


The Medicine of Tarot 

and Other Intuitive Arts

on Zoom

6:30 PM until 8:00 PM

Thursdays, September 28-Nov. 9, 2023

(6 weeks; no class October 12)

Tarot and other intuitive arts such as mediumship and astrology all offer effective means for us to heal from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments or trauma. You'll work with Tarot cards to heal and learn how your astrological sign connects to certain body parts. You'll also learn how mediumship not only offers healing by connecting with those on the others side but how they can offer insight into earthly issues. And, you'll come to understand that interconnectedness of these healing arts as spiritual medicine.

This class is ideal for you if you are…

**dealing with some health issues that you want to understand at the karmic level.
**in need of understanding emotional pain and want some spiritiual tools to help heal.
**looking for other, more unique ways, to work with Tarot.

**interested in knowing how Tarot and Astrology connect with the body

**eager to learn about mediumship and its healing potential.

How to register for this class:  
Please contact Rose Claire at or 727-201-3423 to register and for payment options.

Disclaimer: This class is focused on spiritual healing dynamics that may be complementary to traditional medical care, but in no way are replacements for professional medical care. Do not stop, add or change any medication or traditional medical treatment/therapy without consulting and seeking direction from your physician. It is strongly advised that you seek care from a licensed medical professional for any physical, mental or emotional concerns.


Mediumship Development, Guidance and Practice 

on Zoom

6:30 PM until 8:00 PM

Mondays, October 2-Nov. 13, 2023

(6 weeks; no class October 9)

Open to All Levels

Mediumship is the ability to connect with those who've crossed over--to receive their messages and their love--and to understand that lifie goes on. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can learn to communicate with their loved ones on the other. This class is a wonderful opportunity to explore, develop and practice mediumship with guidance and instruction from Rose Claire. 

This class is ideal for you if you are…

**eager to connect with friends and loved ones who've crossed over.
**you have had the feeling that someone who's passed is still around (e.g., you talk to them)
**interested in becoming a medium.

        How to register for this class:  

        Please contact Rose Claire at or 727-201-3423 to register and for          payment options.


Psychic Circle

Last Sunday of the month 4:00-5:00--5:30: FREE, All Welcome.


on Zoom

Note: We will meet both Oct.1 and Oct 29 due to my being out of town on Sept. 24.

This is a unique opportunity to both learn and practice your intuitive crafts. Whether it's the "clairs" or Tarot or Mediumship or Astrology or crystals or any other intuitive art, sign on to this collaborative group for practice and feedback so you continue to grow. Beginners or those who are just interested in psychic arts are more than welcome to join the group


The Psychic Circle is comprised of indivdiuals of all levels working and sharing together to develop or further psychic ability. Whether you’re just starting out and want to learn or you’re eager to practice in preparation to read professionally, the Circle affords you the opportunity to expand and refine readings and connections with Spirit at each meeting. Circle participants meet to practice readings and meditation as well as to encourage each other’s development. Participants and Rose will offer positive and constructive feedback throughout the session.

Email Rose Claire to sign up or reserve spot at by end of day Friday.




Offered year-round. Contact 727-201-3423 or to learn more.

Rose Claire offers personal mentorships to individuals interested in one-on-one guidance and support toward becoming a psychic or Tarot specialist. Guidance and plan development are worked on jointly between Rose and t
he client (mentee), so their goals are the learning focus.

**I want to help as many people as possible and don’t want ability to pay to be the deciding factor. If you have concerns about pricing, please call me. Let’s see what we can do to find a way to work together.

Click below to see Rose Claire's Full Service List & Availability

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