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Is Psychic Ability in Your Genes?

Recent research may answer that question.

by Rose Claire

My Psychic Family

I come from a family of secret psychics, and when I say “secret,” I mean it was often secret to the person who was psychic!

For example, my mom was very psychic. One of the most pronounced examples of her abilities came when she sewed. I can’t tell you how many times I would hear her talking to and getting guidance from her grandmother (Nanny) every time she took out the sewing machine. It was like Nanny was sitting in the room with her giving her step-by-step directions of what to do! And, by the way, my mom was an amazing seamstress, just like Nanny. She sewed all my clothes when I was a child.

My sister is also very psychic, and now in her fifties is learning how to connect with and use her abilities, which is very cool. She has doubts at times, and I believe the depth of her psychic gifts are still a secret to be revealed, so I’m staying tuned.

As a child, I didn’t recognize this, but now, I see that (my grandmother) always knew exactly what to do for me and for my brother and sister.

In retrospect, my grandmother on my dad’s side showed many signs of psychic ability and even and understanding of mediumship. As a child, I didn’t recognize this, but now, I see that she always knew exactly what to do for me and for my brother and sister. No one had to tell her what we needed; she was just there with it, whether it was saying the exact right thing in a situation, offering a special gift in a time of need or sharing that she’d seen or heard from someone who had crossed over. I often thought of her as magic.

Research on Psychic DNA

Anyhow, my point of this blog wasn’t to dwell on my family and their known/unknown psychic gifts, except to say that I believe there is a long line of psychic ability on both sides.

Instead, I want to share is some interesting research that was published in the May/June 2022 issue of Explore. The article, “Genetics of psychic ability - A pilot case-control exome sequencing study” sought to examine a genetic link to psychic ability. In fact, the researchers stated at the outset of the article that there is a common belief that psychic ability is seen in families.

The researchers initiated the study with an online survey as the preliminary screening tool. Three thousand people participated in the survey, and the questions were framed in a way to extract any participants who showed signs of psychopathy or other issues contraindicative to the study. The remaining participants were interviewed and involved in additional screening tests, and from that group, a smaller group of thirteen psychic individuals was selected. There was also a control group of individuals who made no claims of psychic ability.

...a noncoding variant (intron) was found exclusively in almost all of the control group, but not in any of the psychic group.

Once they had their group of psychics, the researchers secured DNA from all participants using their saliva. Then, the team began comparing the protein-coding sequences in the DNA of the psychic group to the control group.

Interestingly, there was no difference in the DNA coding sequences (exons). However, the researchers identified a noncoding variant (intron) that was found exclusively in almost all of the control group (7 of 9 participants), but not in any of the psychic group. This intron was next to an exon in the TNRC18 (Trinucleotide repeat-Containing Gene 18 Protein) on chromosome 7.

So, what does this mean? Obviously, it isn’t the Holy Grail of proof for psychic ability running along genetic lines, but it does scientifically suggest the possibility of some genetic differences between those with psychic ability and those who claim not to be psychic.

As a psychic medium it makes sense to me that these gifts have a hereditary connection. So, these are interesting findings and worthy of further study, which is exactly what the researchers determined. Hopefully, more studies will be conducted to replicate these results and add further understanding to a topic that many struggle to accept as real.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Learn to work with your own psychic ability. Contact me at 727-201-3423 or to discuss your abilities. Or, click here to contact me for a reading or to register for a class.

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