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The Light of an Evidential Medium: And what to look for in your Mediumship reading

By Rose Claire

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Mediums come in all shapes and sizes with different approaches to their readings. But one thing good mediums share is working in the light.

I’m often asked about picking up dark energy when working as a medium. Honestly, that’s not an issue for me because I engage in spiritual protection and only bring in Spirit from the light.

That’s not to say that some mediums haven’t had experiences with negative energies, but for me, a solid protection routine coupled with affirming prayer and meditation keeps me firmly in the light.

But what else is a medium in the light? Working in the light indicates that the medium is coming from a place of love. This means that regardless of whatever the person in front of me has done or the Spirit that comes through, I leave all judgments behind.

Have I sat before some people who’ve done some questionable things? Yes. But, fortunately, not often. I handle those situations by adhering to my job as an evidential medium, and that is to stay focused spiritually and to communicate what Spirit brings for this sitter (client). I hold the hope that the evidence and the spiritual guidance will help the sitter grow, forgive and heal.

Working in the light means a medium is coming from a place of love.

Often, a loved one will come through with the goal of mending fences with the sitter. You see, once we cross to the other side, our vistas expand and we can see and comprehend all that our life was--including the mistakes we made with others. These are delicate situations that may include some type of abuse, whether physical, emotional, verbal or sexual. They can also involve feelings of emotional abandonment or dismissiveness. Or, they may just be that two people on this earth plane just couldn’t see eye-to-eye. Regardless of the nature of the issue, healing is so important in these situations, and that healing has to come from Spirit communication.

Coming from the light also means that I work from a place of authenticity. When Spirit and I blend our energies, I bring what the Spirit wants to say, not what I want to say, because my job is to bring their message forth. It’s also critical for me to understand the difference between psychic energy and mediumship energy. Psychic energy is reading the person; mediumship energy is communicating with someone on the other side. Some mediums struggle with this, but not recognizing the difference can cause faulty information to be given and attributed to the loved one who crossed over.

Authenticity is also about recognizing that Spirit is the driver of the reading, not me. So, if a sitter wants to hear from a particular person who’s crossed over, and that loved one doesn’t appear, I have to be honest about it.

In order to help that situation, I let the sitter know up front that I don’t control who comes in; Spirit does. I also let them know that just because the loved one they wanted didn’t come through, it doesn’t mean that family member or friend doesn’t love them. It may just not be the right time for them to come through, or I may not be the right medium for that connection.

I will also go one step further and ask the loved ones who have come through if they can reach the spirit the sitter wants to connect with. Sometimes, they bring that loved one forth; other times, the spirit who came through acts as a communicator for other loved ones who’ve crossed over.

Authenticity is also about recognizing that Spirit is the driver of the reading, not me.

Lastly, coming from the light also means using wisdom and compassion. Spirit has often shown me the gory details of death—the countless tubes from the hospital bed, the last wispy breaths before transition or even the scene of a bloody accident or suicide. I’m given this information so I will understand, but let’s be real: Do you think going through all the gnarly details of the death is in the best interest of the sitter who’s grieving? Of course not. So, I just give enough evidence to make it clear I know what happened without dragging the sitter through all the heavy grief and emotion.

Along the same lines, Spirit may bring very delicate, personal subjects to light. Honesty and compassion are crucial in these instances, as what is being exposed may be difficult for the sitter. Again, I don’t need to rehash every painful strand of emotion with the sitter for them to know I am connected to their loved one. I just need to provide enough evidence to be clear and come from a place of love and compassion.

Good evidential mediums are not a dime a dozen, but when you find one that truly embraces the light, your reading will likely be healing, exciting and filled with opportunity for growth.

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