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David Bowie, Lunar Eclipses and What to Do on May 15 and 16

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

On late May 15 and early May 16, watch for the lunar eclipse and its "Blood Moon."

by Rose Claire

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Musical genius David Bowie captured (inadvertently?) the experience of a lunar eclipse when he wrote, “Ch ch ch-ch-changes / Turn and face the strange / Ch ch changes….” What was arguably Bowie’s personal anthem to transformation and nonconformity actually embodies the emotional transformation and “letting go” process inherent in a lunar eclipse. Simply put, lunar eclipses are about breaking ourselves down bone-deep to let go of what’s not serving us so that we can transform and rebuild in the direction we want to grow. In other words, we change.

Okay, to understand this event, it helps to do a little science 101. You may remember from school that a full moon lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth lands right between the sun and the moon, and the moon slides into the Earth’s shadow, which blots out the moon’s light. But, the really cool part of this process is that as the Earth passes between the two celestial orbs, a coppery-red shadow is cast across the moon creating what’s referred to as a “blood moon.”

It’s time to dump, release and transform, as the energy for this is powerful.

So, what’s the spiritual impact of the lunar eclipse? Spiritually, this cosmic event is like full moon energy on steroids. It’s a powerful time for letting go of what’s not working, literally clearing the emotional landscape to open it to greater things ahead. Often, this landscape is full of unconscious thoughts and feelings that have been impacting you and are unearthed and brought to the surface to clear. So, when Bowie says to “face the strange,” that’s exactly where you may go during a lunar eclipse.

What to do or not to do during a lunar eclipse.

1. Releasing meditations or rituals: It’s time to dump, release and transform, as the energy for this is powerful. Are there old relationships that still bother or haunt you? Self-doubts preventing you from moving in the direction you want to go? Toxic people or situations that need to get out of your life? Well, then, once that lunar eclipse begins, kick ‘em to the curb. Start by meditating on what you’d like to let go of; then, write down what you’re releasing and take a match to the paper or throw it in a fire. Watch as the embers burn it and the smoke carries it away.

2. Grounding yourself: Emotions can get a little wonky during the energy of an eclipse, so practice staying calm and grounded throughout the day. Start the day with a quick, but effective, grounding or protection meditation. And throughout the day, give yourself the space to breathe or count to ten before responding to something that flips your emotional switch. Remember, also, lunar eclipses can usher in quick, unexpected change, so grounding yourself will help you ride in the rodeo without being bucked.

Bowie’s "Changes" embodies the emotional transformation and “letting go” process inherent in a lunar eclipse.

3. Reign in your intentions: With all the exciting energy surrounding a lunar eclipse, you might think it’s a good time to set intentions. Not so much. First off, it’s a full moon, and intentions are better set during new moons. Plus, energies during this time are a bit dodgy and may derail or skew your intentions, so you end up dealing with unintended consequences. Save those intentions and pull them out during the next new moon where they’ll be like seeds that you plant and allow to grow.

4. Keep crystals inside: Generally, full moons are great times to set your crystals outside to recharge, but that doesn’t apply during lunar eclipses. Again, that chaotic energy is not what you want zapping your crystal wand! Instead, cleanse and charge crystals inside with either sea salt or water, depending on the fragility and porousness of your crystals.

Next week’s lunar eclipse offers opportunities for “ch ch changes,” as it pushes us to plumb the depths of our sub and unconsciousness selves and excavate habits, patterns and people that we need to release. Embrace the lunar eclipse’s energy and let go of what's not serving you in order to move forward in the direction you desire to go. That is, like Bowie, allow yourself to change. You'll be glad you did.

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