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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, April 2023

The planet of communication stations in the sign of the Bull this week.

by Rose Claire

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It’s baaaack! Mercury retrograde: This psychic-medium's favorite time of entangled communications, confusing travel, verbal and written faux pas, and technical glitches is here again right on the heels of a potent solar eclipse.

As I'm sure you caught a hint of sarcasm in that first paragraph, let's not waste any time and jump into the reality of this Mercury retrograde. In other words, how is this Mercury retrograde going to impact us? And what can we do since we’re still processing (and possibly reeling from) the solar eclipse?

This Mercury retrograde is likely to impact our wallets and investments, pushing us to re-evaluate where our time and money are best placed..

Some of the challenges that Mercury retrograde in Taurus may present include calling out authority, so it’s important to watch our tongues and possible stubbornness with bosses and other leaders. That doesn't mean a constructive conversation about issues shouldn't be had; it just means to do so respectfully.

The Taurus impact on Mercury retrograde can also cause us to become self-indulgent, lethargic and lackadaisical especially if we don’t feel like we’re making progress or what we're doing isn't benefitting ourselves. It's important to keep ourselves in check to avoid damaging relationships or losing jobs.

Yet, despite its challenges, this time Mercury moonwalks backwards, there are some positives. Because it's stationing in Taurus, we're offered a bit of a slowdown and time to reflect on the changes that we’re looking at in our lives. Taurus can be a stabilizing influence, allowing some of the benefits of Mercury retrograde to solidly come forth such as planning time, connecting with others we’ve not talked with in while, etc.

Taurus is also the sign of all things to do with self, including autonomy, possessions and value. This Mercury retrograde is likely to impact our wallets and investments, pushing us to re-evaluate where our time and money are best placed. This isn't all negative. In fact, because of Taurus' penchant for understanding value, it can mean making new, more prosperous investments or trading current investments for better returns.

In the end, Taurus' steady, loyal and persevering energy will move those goals and tasks we’re trying to accomplish forward, just more slowly. And after a very energetic Aries season, including a powerful solar eclipse, that may be welcome news.

(Psssst. That's your cue to keep plugging away!)

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