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5 Ways a Psychic or Mediumship Reading Will Transform You

Working with a psychic medium can positively change you in the moment, and sometimes for life.

by Rose Claire

Photo by Zinkevyche

One question I am often asked is, “How do I help people with a reading?” Well, let me first say that, regardless of whether it’s a psychic, Tarot, astrology or mediumship reading, it’s not me—it’s all from Spirit (or whatever you choose to call that divine energy). However, I can share several observations from my years of practice.

1. Confirmation of Your Feelings/Intuition: This is a biggie, in my humble opinion, because it signifies to you that you CAN TRUST that inner voice or those guiding feelings that are pointing you in a specific direction. Spirit provides a psychic medium with the information and with possible outcomes (I say possible because you have free will to make changes). A good reading can also offer the tools from Spirit to manifest what you’re feeling and intuiting.

2. Opening Up the Shadow Side: This is one that most people don’t like to admit, but a good reading can bring that shadow side into the light. It may illuminate childhood issues, hidden belief systems or powerful emotions that you don’t want to surface (e.g., grief, anger, revenge, etc.). However, these beliefs or feelings are like volcanoes readying to explode; there comes a point when they will release one way or another. A good reading can help you identify those feelings and belief systems and give a spiritual plan to deal with them. In other words, you can free yourself from the pain and stress these are causing.

3. Fear of Passing: As a psychic medium, I am aware that there is more than this physical, material life that we are living now. But many people don’t know or understand this. In fact, many people are just plain scared of “what comes next.” From what I’ve learned, there are three key messages from those who have crossed over. The first is reassurance to their family and friends that they’re all right, and the second is love they send to those on this side. The third is the most interesting, and sometimes not even explicitly stated: Life goes on; there is continuity. Of course, understanding and accepting this doesn’t exactly change our emotions about passing—most often that we want more time here—but it can alleviate the burning existential fear that there is nothing beyond this life, and that helps.

4. Deep Grief: Losing someone you love is one of, if not the, deepest pain you can feel. I’ve seen grief completely transform a person in ways that aren’t healthy such as becoming a workaholic, suffering depression so severe they don’t want to get out of bed, and more. As a medium, one of the most rewarding experiences I have is watching the transformation of someone who has been grieving the loss of a loved one when that loved one comes forward in a reading. There may be tears of missing their loved one as well as tears of joy, but this is always a very transformative reading. And, I am always honored that Spirit chose me to bring this moment of healing to the sitter (client).

5. Clarity on Decisions: Research suggests we make more than 35,000 decisions a day, but sometimes we get stuck (e.g., do I move, where do I move, do I get a new job, do I quit my job, etc.). A good psychic, Tarot or astrology reading can help you move out stuck mode and find an answer. It can offer clarity to a situation that you may be too tied up in or too emotional over to see the best choice. And, the reading can help you look at consequences of the choices you make.

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing profound and meaningful change in clients in all of these situations, so I know they work. Remember, if you need help healing or making decisions or even confirming these feelings that you have, a psychic medium, Tarot expert or astrologist can help you, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Get the answers you want, connect with those who've crossed over, or grow and work with your own psychic ability. Contact me at 727-201-3423 or . Or, click here to contact me for a reading or to register for a class.

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