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6 Tips to Find the Right Psychic Medium

There are definite ways to determine if you are with the right psychic medium for you.

by Rose Claire

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Scheduling a reading with a psychic or medium is common today. Gone are many of the stigmas that used to follow those with this gift, and the doors for business that were once just barely ajar are now wide open. As a result, there are more and more psychics and mediums hanging out shingles.

With so many options, it may be hard to decide from whom to get a reading. Here are a few tips to make that process easier and to ensure you get a psychic or medium who is the real right for you.

1. Ask how they predict the future: Many clients believe that psychics predict the future, and that’s all there is to it. While a good psychic can see what’s going to happen in the future based on where things are in the present, every client has the free will and the power to make changes. This means your future isn’t written in stone, and you can take charge and move the dial in the direction you want through manifesting, meditating and direct action. If a psychic tells you otherwise, don’t waste your time or money.

2. Look for confirmation: Real psychics key into what’s happening now in your life including connecting with your thoughts, feelings, dreams and experiences. For example, if you’ve been thinking about traveling to New York City, and a psychic brings up going there, then you’re receiving confirmation of your thoughts from the psychic. This is a good sign.

3. Read their code of ethics: Some psychics and mediums post their ethical approach on their website or social media accounts. These will usually spell out their dos and don’ts. Others include clues regarding their ethics in their About or Approach pages on their websites. If you don’t see anything that suggests integrity, ask. Another clue as to whether or not your psychic is ethical is their fee. While many psychics offer free or low-cost readings, some questionable psychics may offer to do an inexpensive reading where they inform you that you have a curse on you. These psychics then proceed to ask for large sums of money to remove the curse or cast a spell so someone you have a crush on suddenly loves you. Be wary. If the psychic’s rate seems very low, or you have a questionable feeling, dig a little deeper to see what the psychic’s background and motives are.

4. Ask if mediums provide evidence: Good mediums will provide pieces of evidence about the loved one who’s crossed over. These could range from physical descriptions of your loved one to experiences you shared with them to key emotional or personality traits. Unfortunately, today, many well-meaning mediums focus simply on messages, which, while important, don’t provide the client with the evidence needed to verify who is communicating through the medium. Additionally, a good medium will also let you know that they are not the drivers of this experience; Spirit is. The medium does not control who comes in—they can ask Spirit for someone to come forth, but there are no guarantees.

5. Inquire about specialties: While many psychics or mediums work with an array of life issues, some specialize in areas such as relationships, career or spiritual development. If you have a specific question, make sure the psychic or medium you plan to see feels comfortable and confident working with that area.

6. Be clear on payment terms: With all the payment choices available these days, it’s important to know how the psychic or medium prefers payment. Many take electronic payments or credit cards, but not all. There are still a number of psychics who take cash or checks only. So, make sure to ask and be prepared. Along the same lines, make sure you’re clear on the psychic or medium’s policy if you’re not satisfied with your reading. Psychic and mediumship readings depend on the practitioner making a connection, and sometimes, they can have an off day where they don’t read a client well. In most cases, the psychic or medium will offer a full or partial refund or let the client reschedule at no charge.

Getting a psychic reading is fun, informative and exciting, but as with any investment in a professional, it’s important to do your research. Following these tips will help you connect with the psychic or medium who’s right for you.

Rose Claire is gearing up for the fall with reading and class specials. Check out this site for more information, or contact me at 727-201-3423 or to book a session or a class. You may also click here to contact me for a reading or to register for a class.

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