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Get ready for some good cosmic news with Jupiter in Taurus, and Happy Birthday, Gemini! by Rose Claire

Astrology: Taurus in Jupiter

Sometimes, the Universe does things that just make those of us who love astrology want to do our happy dance. That’s often what I find with the benefic planet Jupiter.

In astrology, Jupiter is, of course, the planet of expansion--that planet that not only waters the seeds, but douses them with some major fertilizer. It rules over education, knowledge and wisdom, which are all important in the world today, but Jupiter sprinkles everything with a little luck as well.

About two weeks ago, astrologers heralded Jupiter’s triumphant jump into Taurus, the sign that rules wealth and general prosperity. So, it stands to reason that, for the next year, many will reap the benefit of Jupiter through material gains. However, Jupiter doesn’t bring prosperity itself, it’s more like it shines a light on the key to become more prosperous, and of course, it also brings some additional fortuitous opportunities with it.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, the planet that not only waters the seeds, but douses them with some major fertilizer.

What’s more, the sign of Taurus is also the sign of understanding value. Taurus natives, and those with Taurus figuring prominently in their charts, can assess in their heads if something—or someone—is worth their time. Although they can be rather slow to move, once they get an idea in their head, it’s not likely to change, so if something or someone no longer proves valuable to a Taurus, the Taurean will gradually remove the distraction and move on.

Taurus also brings a tenacity with it, the ability to really stick to something and see it through. Again, this bodes well for those seeking to achieve success in some aspect of their lives during this connection with Jupiter and can lead to seeing through even the most difficult projects or commitments. However, it can also cloud someone’s ability to see that it’s time to let go, which may lead to greater frustration on the part of those around the Taurean.

Taurus is known for overindulging at times. They can splurge on anything they desire including food and sensual pleasures, and with the expansive properties of Jupiter coming into play, they can go completely overboard (think bacchanalian orgy). As such, it’s important for Taureans to stay mindful and keep this tendency in check.

All in all, Jupiter in Taurus is a welcome transit, and one that should open the doors of opportunity for many of us!

Astrology: Sun in Gemini

Happy birthday, Geminis! You are the smart, quick-witted technocrats of the zodiac, buzzing from one thing to the next with lightning speed. As an air sign, you often lead with your incredible brain that runs way ahead of the rest of us. You are wordsmiths and love anything to do with writing and publishing, especially if it’s infused with technology.

Yes, Gemini, you understand and embrace tech on so many levels and are totally unafraid to jump into the cyber world at a moment’s notice. (You often leave the rest of us behind and scratching our heads!)

And, with Jupiter hanging out in your twelfth house for the next year, get ready for that logical left brain to veer off course in favor of your right brain and its ever-expanding intuition. That’s right, you’ll take a deep dive into the sub and unconscious realms, and your magical, mystical side will push front and center over the next year, so enjoy it and take full advantage of it!

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