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Sneak Peek Astrology: Mars Enters Virgo

Look for changes in communication, work and health over the next seven weeks.

by Rose Claire

On July 10, Mars, our good old warrior planet, enters the sign of Virgo with a promise to shake things up a bit. Virgos, of course, love order and are ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication. So, three guesses what happens when the independent warrior Mars plops down in the land of communication? The need for conversation arises—conversations that may become intense or conflictual.

But these conversations may also be incredibly productive. They may offer the opportunity for meaningful change or corrective behaviors that benefit the self or family. And with a modicum of awareness, the ability to avert conflict and steer these conversations in a positive growth direction can prevail.

Mars’ time in Virgo may push us a bit more than we like, so it’s important to watch this and make sure we still care for ourselves. Mars likes to get things done (think of an army sergeant—get it done, and get it done now), but coupled with Virgoan perfectionism (get it done right), it can go too far.

The push to get it all done is real, but not necessarily realistic.

So, think “balance” before you decide to clean out all closets and the garage in two hours on your only day off. Use that Mars-Virgo energy to build a smart plan for your home reorganization, and trust that it’s the right approach.

This go-go-go energy may also show up in your job where you find yourself saying, “I just have to get this done.” Or, “Only one more thing, I promise.” Remember, the push to get it all done is real, but not necessarily realistic…or healthy.

Mars’ dance in Virgo also brings an awareness and push toward all things related to health. After all, Virgo energy is about our physical health including exercise and eating habits. Don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to begin working out or to level up your current workout. Embrace the healthy energy in a smart, balanced way. That also goes for those yearnings to change your diet such as going gluten free, reducing sugar, six small meals a day, etc. As long as you feel you are being guided toward a healthier you, without overdoing, go with it.

Embrace the healthy energy in a smart, balanced way.

Long-story-short: Mars in Virgo can potentiate some conflict, but it can also potentiate positive change and communication. Keep that in mind, and the next seven weeks may be some of your healthiest and most productive ever.

Affirmation: I achieve my goals with a balanced plan of action. (Notice “balance” is key here!)

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Think for yourself
Think for yourself
21 באוג׳ 2023

This helps explain a lot of what is going lately...restless energy, a desire to cope differently with work and even strike out my own, with greater clarity and urgency than in the past. Plus trying to step up health, knowing the energy and focus will help. Really puts it in perspective, thank you Rose Claire!

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