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Transformational Tarot Cards

Contrary to how you may feel when you pull a challenging Tarot card, there are no "bad" cards, just cards that inform us or guide us to change.

by Rose Claire

Ryder-Waite Smith Tarot

I often work with individual Tarot cards, and what I mean by that is that I ask Spirit to guide me to a card that I need to delve more deeply into its meaning. I’ve pulled the Strength card, the Star card, and some others. But recently, I pulled the three of hearts.


For those of you who don’t know what it looks like, I’ve included a pic above. As you can see, it’s a heart with three swords in it, and it obviously has to do with something painful such as loss or grief, etc.

When I drew the card, I have to be honest: I wasn’t jumping for joy. This was one of those cards that I knew meant really looking at myself and even my shadow side in order to grow from the card’s meaning. But I also knew that the card had to do with how I was thinking about things given that swords relate to air and mental energy. In other words: It could be a card of real transformation.

The vision blew my mind to say the least, so I continued to run my hand over the card while gazing at it.

I dutifully began a meditation on the card to see what could happen. After relaxing and practicing some mindfulness, I kept my eyes closed and ran my hand over the card. I really didn’t get anything, which I thought was odd.

And then, I opened my eyes.

Immediately, the image changed! Suddenly, the swords were pulling out of the heart, and the rain was clearing.

The vision blew my mind, to say the least, so I continued to run my hand over the card while gazing at it. Then, a whole new feeling came over me, a feeling of release and peace.

So, what does this all mean? Well, instead of being a card of pain, the three of swords became a card of healing for me. This gives the card a much richer scope when it shows up in a reading, because it tells me that my client can heal from whatever pain or loss the card represents. Basically, the card is now transformational.

This idea of transformation is inherent in many of the cards that we panic over when they show up in a reading. As I said at the beginning of this blog: There are no “bad” cards.

Each card is spiritual guidance--information that we can use to transform because Spirit is behind the cards and whispering in our ears. Simply put, these cards are potential instruments of spiritual change for us.

And, by the way, that applies to the cards we view as “good” as well.

In the upcoming weeks, I will dedicate time to creating greater understanding around those cards that concern us when they pop up on a reading in the hope of “normalizing” their message and deactivating the fear they cause. In the meantime, I will continue working with the three of swords.

Oh, and the new meaning the card revealed to me is both accurate and applicable to my life right now.

Tarot does work. Powerfully.

NOTE: The exercise that I am doing where you pull a card and work with it over time, including meditating with it, using it in visualizations, etc., is one you can try as well. Let me know what you discover.

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