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Your Gateway to Psychic and Mediumship Energy: Should I meditate or move?

by Rose Claire

Meditation is key for me. I’m a Virgo with natural tendencies toward anxiety and obsessiveness (primarily in my work; I don’t have the ultra-clean gene), so breathing, focusing on relaxing and releasing stress, and meditating to heal my body are ideal for my health. They also work for me to connect with Spirit.

If I quiet my mind, which can run like a freight train on steroids, the stillness is contagious and will sink into the rest of me. It will allow me to “hear,” “feel,” “see” and “know” what Spirit wants to convey. Meditative approaches to connecting with Spirit are wonderful, and I not only advocate them, I teach them.


Movement and Mediumship

A few years ago, though, I was introduced to a different technique—one involving active movement before doing a mediumship reading. The purpose of all the movement was to boost my energy to the frequency of Spirit. Now, at first, I balked. After all, my quiet, meditative approach worked just fine. However, I was intrigued with this approach for mediumship because mediumship requires me to boost my frequency to meet Spirit’s frequency. (Spirit has to lower their energy, so we connect somewhere in the middle of the two frequencies.)

"Sometimes, (before a reading) I must dance to some of my favorite 80s and 90s music."

I’ll be honest; the first time I tried this technique, I was so self-conscious it was pitiful. Like, what was I supposed to do? So, I bounced around my room, at first half-heartedly, but then with more gusto. As the group was called back to our Zoom meeting, I could barely contain the energy, because my energy was so blended with Spirit's. I was rocking in my seat, bouncing up and down, and swerving back and forth as unobtrusively as I could while eagerly awaiting my turn to read. And when my turn came, the info poured out of me like a waterfall…and kept coming.

After that experience, I noticed that, often times, when Spirit was close, I would rock or move. Now, before any reading (psychic, mediumship, Tarot, or Astrology), I consciously decide if I am best served by meditating or moving, and to tell the truth, it varies. Sometimes, I must dance to some of my favorite 80s and 90s music. Other times, I need a dark room with total peace and quiet to meditate.

What does all this mean? Well, simply put, it means that all clients, spirits, and readings are different. There is no “one-size-fits all” method that works best all the time. When I prepare to give a reading, I trust the method Spirit brings to me, whether it’s quiet meditation or moonwalking to MJ.

"Spirit drives the info coming to you."

I think the other takeaway from this experience is that it’s important to be flexible when working with Spirit, and that also pertains to clients/sitters. The psychic, medium, or Tarot reader does not know all the information coming in until they tune in. Plus, and this is important, they’re not in control of that information; Spirit is. So, anytime you give or sit for a reading, it’s an entirely new experience with new surprises. (BTW: I believe this also applies to astrologers; the difference is that they may get spiritual insights while creating the chart and when reading it.)

As a reader, this creates a responsibility to make sure you let your client/sitter know that Spirit drives the info coming to you; you’re just a conduit. And, as a client/sitter, it’s important to recognize that the spirits or answers that come through may not be who or what you expected.

Ultimately, this makes a reading even more powerful and exciting. Ultimately, it ensures that Spirit's message is delivered. And, ultimately, the reading evolves into what it is supposed to be.


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