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Your Manifesting Magic With Tarot

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Imagine for a moment if the Magician Tarot card could talk and you clearly heard his message.

by Rose Claire

If someone pinned a mic on the Magician, streams of motivating quotes would spew forth followed by hands clapping and a feeling of being pushed forward. “Get it done!” “You’ve got this!” “Chop, chop!” At first, these comments might be uncomfortable, but the Magician is all about realizing your strengths and acting on what you want, so jostling your thoughts, jolting you out of your comfort zones and juicing up your energy levels make perfect sense.

To really understand how to attract what you want in your life, it’s essential to get clarity on what that is.

Aligned with the god Mercury, who’s known for action, the Magician impels you to embrace your inner magic, your ability to manifest, and not to wait. The definitive alchemist, he brews his elixirs targeting your senses and reminds you of your talents and abilities—the building blocks you need to create your magic. He is the Law of Attraction garbed in robes, an ancient Nike commercial with winged shoes, and Oprah’s favorite things all wrapped up in one.

And you know what, he’s right. You can do it. You have what it takes. You can manifest your desires.

To really understand how to attract what you want in your life, it’s essential to get clarity on what that is. It’s difficult to manifest if you don’t know what you want, so meditate, connect with your higher self, and if all else fails, consult a psychic for some guidance. It's hard to go any further until you’re really clear.

Once you have that, it’s important to address the penultimate issue surrounding the art and magic of manifesting—consistency. Like all disciplines, it takes discipline, or more specifically repeated practice, to make it work. And just like your gym workout, it needs to increase and adjust as your manifesting skills grow and improve. So, if you’ve mastered manifesting your favorite parking space in front of the grocery store, it’s time to bump up your attraction skills and try scoring a free restaurant meal or some concert tickets.

The ultimate obstacle confronting manifesters is lack of belief.

You can also begin working on manifesting that $100,000 job you want, but remember, it’s a big jump from some $100 concert tickets to a $100,000 income, so be gentle with yourself through the process. It will take time, so while you’re waiting to manifest that new job, keep flexing those attracting muscles on smaller desires and remembering to increase their size/value until you reach that $100,000 job.

The ultimate obstacle confronting manifesters is lack of belief. If you don’t believe you can manifest a parking space, how can you believe you’re going to manifest a $100,000 job? And this is where the Magician’s determination and cheerleading are powerful medicine. Listen to him urging you on and pushing you to believe in yourself. Dispel that self-doubt and power-up your confidence so you can be successful. And yes, fake it ‘til you make it, if need be. The magician will be right there with you all the way.

Remember, with the Magician, you’ve got it. Now, believe it and do it.

To learn more about manifesting what you want, join Rose Claire's"Tapping Your Inner Magician: Manifesting with Spirit" webinar on October 17, 6:30-8:00 PM. Contact Rose Claire at 727-201-3423 or to register or to request a reading.

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