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Cosmic Surprises & Gifts In March

Cosmic Surprises and Gifts in March

We’re only a week into March and already the skies are bestowing treasures upon us—even without a leprechaun! From a full moon shining bright on work and health to a sexy tango between Venus and Mars, all mixed with a transit that moves dreams from the intangible to the concrete, the first half of Mars is a big celestial present.

Full Moon in Virgo

Full moons culminate periods of building, creating and accomplishing what was initiated with the new moon. They are the time of self-care, relaxation and meditation as well as the time to release what’s not working in our life. As the moon is our emotional navigator, it naturally sends our feelings to intersect with our thoughts and decisions throughout the month, but even more intensely during the full moon.

The March full moon carries all these attributes and brings with it the chance for balance in our work and health. On March 7, the moon wiggles into Virgo—the sign associated with work, health and caring for self/others—and naturally pushes those areas into forefront of our consciousness. At the same time, the sun is weaving its way through the sign of Pisces creating an opposition with the moon Virgo. Typically, oppositions in astrology produce friction, but this dynamic creates the opportunity to balance all those aspects of our life.

This full moon will also allow us to re-evaluate and let go of what no longer serves us anymore especially with work and health. For example, if we tend to overdo work, this polarity of energies will move us toward the center and stability. These full moon energies will also reveal the need or desire to improve our overall health and wellness. We’ll see clearly what needs to occur, and thanks to the Virgoan influence, have the power to organize and set a plan to achieve it.

Venus and Mars Flirting

The planet of love and the planet of boundless energy flirt with each other on March 11, setting the stage for an unmatched passion fest. Buoyed by the confidence and power of Mars, this is the time to go right up the person you see as beautiful (Venus) and start a conversation. And don’t forget to spice it up with a little flirtation, because the Venus factor likely has that person thinking romance and relationship, too.

But Venus is also the planet of value, so if “worth” is not perceived in your interactions, it could be short-lived. On the other hand, it might also be the start of something very exciting and fun, so jump in head first!

Saturn Transits into Our Dreams

Dust off those dreams because one of the biggest cosmic rewards is the transit of taskmaster Saturn into dreamy Pisces.

To understand how big this reward is it’s important to get a grasp on Saturn. It’s the planet of control, restrictions, limits, order, structure and boundaries. It governs law, discipline and hard work, and at its core, pushes us to fulfill obligations and responsibilities.

For the last two years, Saturn has been basking in one of its favorite signs, Aquarius. In fact, Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius and all of the reasoned thinking and emotional compartmentalization that the sign embodies. So, long-story-short, Saturn has been chugging along at full strength creating constraints and boundaries in our lives and society.

But things are changing. Saturn just tiptoed into Pisces, the sign of dreams, inspiration and spirituality—the sign that can loosen Saturn’s grip on control. What this means is that all those dreams that have been swimming in our brains can now take form! Saturn gives those dreams a concrete shape that can become reality over the next two years

Pisces also forces a crowbar into Saturn, opening the possibility to the spiritual. Hardened thoughts on the divine may now soften. Reflections on our existence, purpose and afterlife bubble up into our awareness, pushing us to explore the depths of the spiritual realm.

Of course, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of fog and illusion. This may cause us to lose sight of the structure that Saturn brings or become deluded by what is not real. Fortunately, Saturn also provides reality checks along the way so we can avoid getting lost in the fog.

Tips for the first two weeks in March:

Make moon water on March 7 Focus on balancing health and work Go for it around March 11 when it comes to dating and romance

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