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The Integrity of a Medium

Good mediums embrace an ethical approach at all times.

by Rose Claire

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I pride myself on integrity in a mediumship reading. In fact, most mediums I know feel the same way. They want to operate ethically and in the best interest of their clients providing as much as possible from Spirit. But what does that really look like? If a medium just provides a message, does that mean they aren’t legit? And what if a medium tells you they can’t make a connection with someone you want to hear from? Is that proof they have no ability? The bottom line is this: Mediumship can differ from medium to medium.

Evidential Medium

I work as an evidential medium. For me, it’s important to keep the word “evidential” in the title as my process is one of constantly working to gather evidence from the spirit I’m connected with on the other side. That evidence can take many forms and may include images of the spirit with my sitter (client), or it may be answers to certain questions I like to ask such as, “What was your favorite part of life?” or “How did you pass?."

Evidence may come to me in the form of words, feelings and even sounds. Once, I actually smelled a cigar, which was astounding because my sense of smell is very poor. I’ve never smelled a rose, a delicious meal or a fart (yes, there’s a good side to it). But when this scent came into my nose from Spirit, I could actually identify what it was and smell it: a cherry-scented cigar.

Once, I actually smelled a cigar, which was astounding because my sense of smell is very poor.

In order to provide evidence, I “blend” with the energy of spirit, meaning I can feel and understand their experience with my senses. I may see words they bring to me, pictures of experiences with my sitter or symbols (they know I like working with symbols). I can hear, feel and even taste their experiences at times. On occasion, I can actually see the spirit or their energy in a room and have even had spirits tap me on the shoulder hard, whisper in my ear and pull me in a certain direction. These connections allow me other vehicles for physically describing the spirit to the sitter, so they have even more information and validation.

Often, I find myself emotional in a reading. If the spirit is playful and fun, I can’t hide my smile. Once, I had a father coming through that kept joking the entire reading—something he was known for while on this planet—and I couldn’t help laughing. Other times, I may cry, tapping into deep feelings that impacted the spirit. During one reading, I connected with the energy of a spirit who felt deep remorse for leaving things so negatively with the sitter. Before the reading ended, both the sitter and I had tears in our eyes.

...I believe it’s essential to communicate with a sitter before a reading.


Spirits want to bring messages to their loved ones. Interestingly, this is often where some of the biggest questions of validity come into play for a medium because anyone can deliver a generic message such as, “Your father sends his love” or “Your grandmother misses spending time with you.”

But Spirit wants to bring a message, and as a medium, it’s my job to deliver that message, so I always invite the spirit to bring me evidence first. Then, the message holds greater weight when I deliver it later in the reading. Mediums who don’t provide evidence or enough evidence run the risk of being questioned, or worse, not believed at all.

Connection Interruptus

No medium has a perfect connection with Spirit every time they read. Sometimes, I may have an exceptionally poor connection and work hard trying to improve it to no avail. Connections can also break; a good connection can suddenly dissipate, leaving the sitter wanting more and me unable to provide more.

Because these situations are real and can be devastating to a sitter, I believe it’s essential to communicate with a sitter before a reading. First, I tell my sitters to become part of the process, being as open as possible and willing to accept Spirit. I also let them know that I don’t control Spirit; I serve Spirit. This means that those on the other side choose my energy to come through with; I am just a conduit, so I can’t always connect with the spirit that the sitter wants. If this happens, I try to gently explain that it’s not because the loved one on the other side doesn’t want to connect but that I may not be the right energy for them, or it may not be the right time.

I’m the first to admit that there is no perfect reading. But for me, working with integrity, honesty and a healthy dose of compassion is essential and can lead to far better readings for my clients.

As an evidential medium, I provide readings focused on demonstrating evidence as well as sharing messages. Contact me at 727-201-3423 or Or, click here to contact me for a reading or to inquire about classes.

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